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Fletcher Knives LLC is a basic company with a simple mission, to provide the most comfortable and versatile tools ever created in the history of the world by not contaminating the design with silly features. Dylan Fletcher believes in keeping things simple. The beauty and usability comes from simplicity. When knives and tools get complicated, they lose there usability and comfort. After decades of knife and tool collecting and putting them to practical use, Dylan has refined his idea of what the perfect knife or tool should be for any given application. You won't find any super duper tactical designs with crazy lines and nonsensical geometry in any of them. What you'll get is a perfect blend of traditional and modern design in tools that can be carried into the campsite or the battlefield with maximum comfort and control. Dylan Fletcher doesn't compromise his designs to accommodate a need to hammer nails, pry open doors, or any other use that should be done by another readily available tool or a good heavy rock. His knives are made to cut. That being said, Mr. Fletcher is always willing to take criticism from customers. If there is something you think should be changed or created, feel free to drop him a line. That doesn't necessarily mean that every suggestion will come to fruition, but it will certainly be taken into consideration.

"I design knives for me. I think about what I want in a blade, what I want it to do, how I want it to feel, and make something that will suit my needs perfectly. By designing knives for myself, I feel like I'm not shorting anyone else. Their knife gets the same attention that mine did, maybe even more. They aren't pretty show knives with exotic lines and crazy rare materials. They're meant to be used. I design knives that I want to beat the crap out of."
-Dylan Fletcher

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