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Does Fletcher Knives LLC take orders?
The answer is no. However, we do try to make sure that everyone who wants one of our knives gets one.

Why doesn't Fletcher Knives take orders?
Dylan Fletcher, the owner of Fletcher Knives believes in freedom. Not taking orders makes this possible by eliminating two things.

The first is the danger of money. Fletcher Knives LLC does not take deposits or payment up front. This way, if anything happens to Dylan Fletcher or the company, your money is still safe in your pocket. There are a lot of companies out there that take money up front. A large percentage of the time, that leads to customers wondering when the product they have paid for is actually going to get in their hands or losing their money all together. If some unforeseen catastrophe falls on Fletcher Knives LLC, you still have your money. We absolutely WILL NOT take money up front, so DO NOT ASK or try to convince us why it is a good idea. It isn't a good idea.

The second reason is because of time constraints. Dylan Fletcher likes to do everything at his own pace. Rushing anything leads to improper execution. We take our time and do things when they need to be done to ensure the best possible execution of the project. Also, Dylan Fletcher has other obligations that can sometimes interfere with knives being completed on a specific timeline. When a customer places an order for a product and receives a laid out timeline, they expect everything to be done exactly as the timeline specified. Due to Dylan's other obligations throughout the year, this is impractical. By not giving customers a specific timeline with their order, we greatly reduce the chances of customer disappointment. Also, we just flat out don't like to be nagged about when your knife will be ready. We're doing everything as fast as it needs to be done.

So, in conclusion, if you want to place an order, pay up front, and then call or email the knifemaker or company every day asking where your knife is and stressing everyone out, LEAVE THIS WEBSITE NOW and please seek a product elsewhere. There are a lot of knife companies out there that don't mind their customers running their business for them and ruining what can be a fun job.

How do I get my very own Fletcher Knife?
There are a few ways.

The first option is getting on the "Dibs List". For every model we make, we have a dibs list. This allows customers to say, "I'm calling dibs on the next available -------." Any customer or future customer that wants to can call dibs on any knife currently being offered by Fletcher Knives LLC, All you have to do is send us an email with the subject line: CALLING DIBS and specify in the email which model and whether or not you have a handle material preference. You can specify handle material (keeping in mind we only use synthetic materials, so no natural materials like wood or bone please), or you can say "No preference". We will then send you a confirmation email. It's that simple. Please remember, only models we currently make and synthetic handle materials. Please don't ask us to modify knife designs. They're built like that for a reason. You can however suggest blade thickness. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll agree to it, but you can ask. If you ask us for something nuts like a TS4 with 1/4 thick steel, we will respectfully decline. When your knife comes up, we will send you an email with pricing and photos. At that time, you'll have 48 hours to respond. If you do not respond within 48 hours, your knife will be sold to the next person with dibs, or to the public.

Dibs Lists will be filled to the maximum 40 knife cutoff, and then you will have to choose another model. Don't worry. Anytime we discontinue a model, you can be sure that something even more awesome will take its place!

Another way to get your brand spanken new Fletcher Knife is to visit a Fletcher Knives Dealer. Fletcher Knives has three authorized dealers at this time. They are:,, and All three are trusted dealers that we love and support.

Another way to get your hands on a Fletcher Knife is to be on the email list. Brand spanken new Fletcher Knives straight from Fletcher Knives LLC are almost NEVER listed publicly for sale. The reason for this is because we are ALWAYS backlogged several months with dibs orders and very rarely produce knives for the open market so that we can concentrate on fulfilling those dibs requests. However, it is not uncommon for a customer to not be able to get their knife at that time. We usually have one or two knives per batch that a customer just can't afford right then or can't take for some other reason. When this happens, we check to see if another customer has dibs on that particular configuration. If so, they get an email first. If no one has dibs on that configuration a mass email goes out to everyone on the email list and the knife is sold on a "first come first served" basis. Also, if we have a bunch of knives left over from a show, we do the mass email. This is a great way to get one of these knives. To get on the email list, just send an email to and say, "put me on the list!" Please understand that if you plan to get your knife this way, you need to be "Johnny on the spot". Knives listed in mass emails sell literally within seconds of the email going out.

Another way to get a Fletcher Knife is to watch the forums. If you are a member of a knife or outdoors forum such as, from time to time, you will see a used Fletcher Knife come up for sale. When that happens, be quick on the trigger, because they go fast!
To check these forums for used knives, you can click this link and keep an eye out, or check this thread regularly. HAPPY HUNTING!

How long will it take to get my Fletcher Knife once I have "dibs" on one?

Wait times for knives vary. The General backlog is approximately 3 - 5 months right now. This does change daily though. Sometimes it is as quick as 2 months. Sometimes it is longer. It all depends on Dylan Fletcher's schedule, shows coming up, which model you choose, what you specify for your knife, etc. We try to get our knives to customers as fast as we can, while still maintaining our extremely high level of quality control. We will not cut any corners or rush any project to get your knife to you faster. Quality is our main concern, not speed.

How do I pay for my knife?

Fletcher Knives LLC accepts Paypal, check or money order, and all major credit cards. If you choose to pay with a method other than Paypal or major credit card, your knife will not be shipped until payment has cleared.

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