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Fletcher Knives LLC will no longer be selling knives to dealers. New knives will only be available from Fletcher Knives LLC and will be in extremely limited amount. I appreciate the dealers who previously carried my products. My new knifemaking process simply doesn't work in a way that will accommodate dealers.


VISIT THE FLETCHER KNIVES FORUM ON BLADEFORUMS.COM while it still exists. Be aware! I very very rarely ever visit Bladeforums anymore. It's still a great community. I do check in from time to time, but if you wish to contact me, Instagram and email are the best way.


Follow Fletcher Knives LLC on instagram @fletcherknives, on Youtube, on Facebook/FletcherKnivesLLC, or get on the email list for a heads up every time new knives are available! Just shoot an email to and say "Put me on the list!"

Welcome to Fletcher Knives. I previously made knives in various patterns, which were limited to 40 pieces per pattern. I didn't take orders, but allowed people to utilize a dibs system. At the time, it was primarily for business reasons. I was relying on knifemaking as my primary source of income. That meant that I had to make a certain number of knives per month, and they had to be affordable so that people would buy them, in order to generate a certain amount of income. That no longer being the case, there is no ordering and no dibs. I only produce the knives I want to make, in the timeframe I wish to make them. This allows me to make whatever I want, however extravagant. I decided that I couldn't explore the true depths of my skill and artistry if I was beholden to timelines and budgets. I no longer wanted knifemaking to be a business. I do it because I love it. I want to make what I want to make, with no thoughts of whether or not people buy them. Being free from constraints allows me to reach my full potential with each piece. My customers will know that they are getting the very best of my skill level and artistic talent. I ill also only be making unique pieces. Each will be a one-off. With each knife, from now on, you will know that you have the only one like it. There's no pattern, no number. Each one is special. Please do not contact me with inquiries for placing orders. While I really do appreciate your desire for my work, it's simply not how my knifemaking will function. Each piece will take as long as it takes, will cost what it will cost, and will be first come first served. This isn't to make things difficult or exclusive. It's to make the best pieces possible. I appreciate everyone ho ever has or ever will spend their hard earned money on my knives.

A note on Spa Service: Fletcher Knives LLC DOES NOT offer a spa service. Spa services are not cost effective for me or the customers. My attention to detail is so high that the amount of time and effort that would go into a spa service would cost almost as much as a new knife. If you use your knife, wear and tear happens and it adds character.


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