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Welcome to Fletcher Knives. Dylan Fletcher is dedicated to making the most comfortable and versatile knives ever created on the face of the Earth. Whether you're bugging out or staying for the fight, you can always count on your tools from Fletcher Knives.

All Tools from Fletcher Knives including knives, sheaths, or anything else made and sold by Fletcher Knives is guaranteed for the life of the maker against any failure during normal use. If anything goes wrong with the knife, sheath or other tool under normal cutting or usage conditions, it can be returned to Fletcher Knives for repair or replacement, free of charge to the customer. Obviously this guarantee does not cover any form of destruction testing or misuse of the knife, sheath, or tool. This guarantee does not cover expected damage from normal wear and tear such as scratches, dirt, grime, dulling of the edge from cutting, etc.

Fletcher Knives is a proud supporter of Military and Law Enforcement. God bless the individuals at home and abroad that work and fight to protect our rights, freedom and way of life.

A note on Spa Service: We here at Fletcher Knives DO NOT offer a spa service. We are happy to guarantee the tools per our warranty, but spa service is not cost effective for us or the customers. Our attention to detail is so high and the amount of time and effort that would go into a spa service would cost almost as much as a new knife. Not to mention, we want people to use these knives. Wear and tear happens and it adds character.


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