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Sheaths for Fletcher Knives are made of molded kydex. All Fletcher Knives come with a kydex sheath unless otherwise specified. They are very simple "no frills" sheaths designed to provide an infinite range of carry options by letting the customer route 550 paracord in any configuration they can imagine. Also, belt loops, Tec-Locs, firesteel loops, etc. can be easily attached to the sheaths. These items are available all over the internet. Mr. Fletcher tests and adjusts each sheath to ensure that it is perfect for the knife.

KYDEX WILL SCRATCH YOUR KNIFE. Almost every kydex sheath every made in the world will scratch knife blades, whether it be from the sheath itself or grit that has gotten into your sheath. Scratches on your knife blade cause by kydex sheaths or dirt in the sheath ARE NOT covered under the Fletcher Knives LLC warranty. If you don't want scratches on your blade, get a leather sheath and always clean your blade before returning the knife to its sheath.

If you would like to explore other sheath options, feel free to ask us. We can point you in the direction of several top notch leather sheath makers as well as other kydex sheath makers.

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